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Stir Magazine

“Enriching the human collective,” Stir is a magazine that aspires to strengthen our view of humanity.

My Role

Print | Art Direction | Branding | Copywriting


10 weeks


Layout, typography, content management

Skills Used

InDesign & Photoshop


Stir is a premium bimonthly magazine that aspires to strengthen our view of humanity and serves as a reflection of the human collective. The ultimate goal is to inspire, change attitudes, and most importantly be great topics of conversation. This magazine is meant to be read sitting in your favorite chair, on a quiet morning. 


The challenge in establishing the brand was to find a design solution that spoke to both its humble character as well as its bold content. In order for the magazine to speak with influence, sourcing notable content and curating authentic imagery that was simultaneously in line with the brand was a priority. Lastly, the magazine’s business model needed to be expandable and flexible.


The border and box element highlight the human collective and the layering characteristics of community. The imagery plays with perspective and scale in order to communicate the magazine’s idealistic inclinations. Balancing bold headlines and a bold color palette with subtle, approachable body copy, let’s the content speak for itself and keeps the magazine current and on trend.

The magazine uses the typeface combination of Mercury Text and Whitney, both designed by Hoefler & Company. Mercury Text is used mainly as body copy and is a utilitarian typeface that is easy to read, allowing it to take a backseat and the content to take center stage. It is also set to 90% black to lessen the contrast. Whitney is energetic, friendly, and designed for bold expressive headlines to capture your attention. It lures the viewer in to stay and read more.

In order for a print publication to endure, it must have the flexibility to expand and a strong brand that builds and maintains readership. Stir Magazine has a strong, focused target audience who is intelligent and curious, seeks inspirational knowledge, and practices some form of mental nourishment. It’s business model is subscription based, along with an online publication. It features a quarterly podcast called “Spotlight,” based on the section in the magazine extended into an in-depth interview of two selected inspirational individuals or organizations. Stir also offers a traveling annual lecture series, aspiring to build community in the cities Stir visits.

Reader Profiles

Moodboard and Imagery Inspiration

Stir's brand character is idealistic, engaging, humble, and current.

Digital Interactivity and Expansion

While print may never die, designing flexible layouts for the web is our current day’s challenge. A modern designer must be aware of content’s expansibility into an online platform. With Stir’s potential e-publication and app, the reader would have the chance to share content, follow specific journalists and stories, and dig deeper into a story through photography.

Reflection and Moving Forward

Layout and Typography are the foundations of design. This in-depth long-form layout project was a chance to master InDesign, as well as an exercise in content management. Breaking the grid was a challenge to overcome, which gave the magazine an opportunity to express its idealistic character. Moving forward, building an online magazine would be an opportunity to explore the brand in an digital platform.

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