Charlotte Chevalier Pocket — Charlotte Chevalier

Pocket App

For the urban explorer looking to discover their city's hidden pocket parks

My Role

UX design | Art Direction | Wayfinding


7 weeks


Skills Used

UXPin, Keynote, InDesign, Illustrator, Augment, Rhino


For the urban explorer looking to take their city-wide adventures off the beaten path, pocket app offers an immersive, playful way to discover your city with a fresh perspective. Elevate your exploration with this multi-step quest, using the latest in augmented reality and discover your city’s pocket parks, rooftop retreats, and other hidden gems.


Develop a multi-step city guide in an intimate and relevant way using Augment, a leading augmented reality platform. Bring a minimum viable product and brand extension of Augment into both the digital and physical realms, starting with the development of a proto-persona. Guide the user through digital clues, wayfinding elements, and 3D modeling.


Pocket offers the user an opportunity to decompress and explore by taking the user on a less visited path to secret spots and hidden gems around the city. To appeal to the user’s meditative and curious nature, we used the analogy of a gem as a wayfinding tool within the app along with a cool calm green. The playfulness of the journey is enhanced by the discovery of colorful and physical 3D gems at each point in the journey.


User Storyboard

The User's Journey

Once the user launches the app and selects a journey based on their location, they are presented with a map and a digital clue of the first gem. The user scans the found gem, which then reveals an image of the next gem in its physical environment. These journeys begin in a denser, more urban environment, and progress into more secluded parts of the city.

Once the user begins their trek to the next point, they can initiate the wayfinding gem tool, which uses geofencing and location triangulation to keep the user on the designated path. As the user journeys closer to the next point, the wayfinding gem fills correspondingly for user feedback. The user can toggle between the gem as well as the digital clue at any point, and is also given a status bar so the user knows where they are in their journey at any given moment.

Once the user arrives at the final stop, they scan the final gem to uncover other hidden pocket parks. The user is also presented with an opportunity to share their experience on social media.

Reflection and Moving Forward

In thinking about bringing this proof of concept to market, shifting to and adding the tourist market to the proto-persona would improve its value. As Seattle is known for its best-kept secrets, this would give tourists an opportunity to explore the city on a deeper level. Another way to enhance the experience of the app would be to add the functionality of saving your gems for each journey accomplished and establish social sharing reward system. Given the timeframe of the project and the constraints given, rapid prototyping and concepting was key to bringing this project to completion.

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