Charlotte Chevalier Melt Fest — Charlotte Chevalier

Melt Fest

A full sensory music and arts experience.

My Role

Branding | Art Direction | Video Editing


Research Phase: 8 weeks
Execution Phase: 4 weeks


Skills Used

After Effects, Photoshop, InDesign, Wordpress Template


Melt Fest is a full sensory music and arts experience. It’s a party for every palate, packed with artists pushing the bounds of electronic music. This rebrand of What the Festival captures the event’s vibrant energy and serves primarily as a promotional marketing campaign.


The main goal for the project was to build a brand that was true to the music festival’s reputation and was representative of all of its incredible features. The current branding and name of What the Festival disregards its audience and seems to be primarily geared towards a much younger demographic.


We elevated the event with a rename as well as by establishing a look and feel that was vibrant, engaging, and evoked the feeling of a summer camp for adults. The abstract imagery energizes the senses and imagination, which appeals to a wider more artistically-inclined demographic. We curated a list of artists that spans a broader scope of electronic music in order to attract an older audience.

The groundwork for the project, which includes the concept, research, brand formation and logo was a thorough and collaborative process. In order to best communicate the playful, immersive experience of the festival, we worked closely with photographer Mary Dee Mateo where we played with liquids such as milk, oil, and food coloring. Moving forward with the brand independently, I worked to bring all of the organic elements together and develop the brand’s expression.

A transitory, promotional brand needs to be pliable, visually strong, and memorable. I used a rich, assorted color palette along with Proxima Nova Soft. The typeface is rounded, geometric qualities, which complement the bubbly, hand-lettered wordmark.

Melt Fest Styleguide

Finding and using a WordPress template was the practical solution for the project. Given the timeframe and realistic demands of a music festival client, a template offers out of the box solutions to express the brand visually without the weight and cost of developing a custom website from scratch. This particular template offered in depth customization and a variety of options.

Movement is a key component of the brand’s engaging character. The young and visually inclined demographic require a captivating campaign that primarily lives on the web. The lineup release is a teaser video, best suited for a social media environment.

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