Charlotte Chevalier Chevalier Fish Company — Charlotte Chevalier

Chevalier Fish Company

A reputable, family-owned wild Alaskan sockeye salmon supplier

My Role

Web Design | Branding


10 weeks


Typography, Logo Design, HTML & CSS

Skills Used

Wordpress, After Effects, Premiere


The Chevalier fishing legacy is a remarkable family story. It is a heritage to be proud of and a project very close to my heart. Even with the growing popularity of local quality food, the ones who labor to bring us products from our abundant region are often underpaid, overworked, and under-appreciated. This project was a chance to elevate and educate, as well as create a brand that would speak to its audience and bring income back to the supplier, my husband.


The challenge with such a personal project was to build an authentic brand and website, while maintaining an objective perspective. There was an overall lack of quality content, which created an additional challenge. As the primary audience is the immediate network, accurately representing the fishery, business, and history was crucial.


I designed a brand that was  both rugged and elegant to best represent its earnest and approachable character. Balance was key: using rugged and elegant typefaces, textural and black & white imagery coupled with rich blocks of color, as well as opacity overlays to enhance the content.

A key component of the site’s success is its blog. It builds traction on the web and boosts SEO thanks to shareable, relevant, and continuously updated content, as well as gives the company and brand a voice. The articles are educational, speak from the wild fishing community, and speak directly to Chevalier Fish Company’s audience.

Moodboard and Imagery Inspiration

Video Production

Working with footage shot back in 2012 without a particular purpose was a true challenge. The gritty, unstable footage was balanced by the steady pace of Johnny Cash’s “Cool Water” in order to soothe the unsuspecting viewer. Johnny Cash is also a beloved artist in the Chevalier home. The goal for the video was to establish authenticity and give the audience a chance to take a peak inside the life of a Bristol Bay Gillnetter in all of its inelegance.

Reflection and Moving Forward

This summer, Captain Curtis will head back up to Bristol Bay with a new GoPro and a mission to shoot better footage. The next steps for the business are: investigate and set up wholesale licensing, establish a robust contact form management system that can expand and sustain business growth, as well as continue to refine and search for higher quality and relevant content.

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